our story

The Coopernook Hotel on the banks of the Lansdowne River was established in 1920’s and so has been serving the community for nearly 100 years.
The hotel once boasted a ballroom and was an important link in road transport. Behind the hotel used to be a golf course, cycle track, racetrack, and a football field. A one lane wooden bridge was established over the Lansdowne River at Coopernook in 1982.

   The Coopernook bypass was commenced in 2005 and completed in 2006. The now demolished two lane steel truss bridge over the Lansdowne River was constructed in 1933. The decision to demolish the steel truss bridge was made citing restoration costs and the need for higher clearance over the river.

About Us

Coopernook was a shipping port boasting several wharves. Timber was the main industry in the Coopernook area. Bananas grew well as almost anything. Dairy was also a thriving industry in the Manning River and there was still a working dairy next door until the end of January 2016. Bull sharks and dolphins are often seen in the Lansdowne River in front of the hotel.
“Good food, friendly staff, great location, thank you so much for providing a camp so close to the pub & excellent facilities”
-Graeme Morris